Plant Manager

Your battle is age-old: build your product of excellent quality, sufficient quantity, under budget and break some eggs along the way if you have to. You are an extension of head office, yet must motivate staff that is all too often overworked. You have to deliver profitability in a world of eroding currency, rising commodities and offshore competition. You are responsible for a plant floor that is many acres in size and every nut and bolt on it. Transparent, current and correct information helps you sleep at night. You can’t fix it if you can’t see it. That is the tenet of maintenance and supporting MRO inventories. These inventories when managed correctly can play a huge part in the overall reliability of your production facility.

The xIO will boil the ocean for you and let you see instantly:

  • What inventory is needed to be sure production targets are exceeded.
  • Cost savings that are available by having the “right size” inventory.
  • Benchmarks that are integral to growth, savings and delivery.
  • Compliance structure for the supply chain.
  • Best practice and sustainability for the supply chain.
  • Employees that actually want to use the service.
  • A service and team that are aligned with achieving your corporate goals.