About MROConnection

MROConnection is dedicated to improving MRO supply chain activities. From designing (or re-designing) an effective storeroom operation, to managing the data behind your inventory, to assisting you in disposing of inventory that is no longer needed, we have you covered. Developed by MRO Professionals for MRO Professionals, MROConnection goes far beyond just the storeroom or warehouse, or just the purchasing and procurement functions, to address:

  • The quality and accuracy of your MRO data – material descriptions, order points/quantities, lead times, and more
  • How data is collected, delivered and integrated into EAM/CMMS/ERP systems
  • Storeroom “best practices” such as design, layout, staffing, technologies, organization, and day-to-day operations
  • All processes and supporting infrastructure for end-to-end MRO supply chain management

Our goal is to provide products and services to help you analyze, standardize, optimize, and sustain your entire MRO inventory and warehouse activities.

How MROConnection started

Xtivity, PCA, and Net Results Group had long realized that their products and services complimented each others. Many times one partner would advise a client that another partner’s services would be beneficial to their operation, offering additional savings and improving their storeroom.